This was a collaborative web site I had worked on with my sister, Christine Cheung, to promote some of her art pieces. She is a MFA and is currently painting overseas in Berlin, Germany. She has done residencies all over the world in such countries as Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Norway, and Austria.

The website was created to be simple but effective in order to showcase her art pieces as the centerpieces. We stripped down the website to allow for a clean and intuitive interface, while the main focus was still directed at her artwork.

The most important aspect of this website was that my sister would need to be able to update and add and change the website as time went on. I was able to give her an admin area where she could upload images, edit all the pages through a simple editor and also categories her images in any way she wanted. This allowed her to be in charge of the website so that she could self maintain it easily through the back-end.

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