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After finally tweaking and changing things around a few times, is now LIVE!  As an artist she now has full control of her portfolio site and is easily able to make updates through the admin panel.  Please note some of her latest works from Berlin, Germany where she is currently residing.  Her art statement is below:

An interest of mine is the visual representation of the notion of place as transmuted through a paradoxical and subjective understanding/misunderstanding. Capturing the subjective grasp of place in this way could be seen to call into question issues of nationalism, globalization and the simultaneous duality of the individual and collective gaze.

Diaspora derives from the word “scattered seeds” by the Ancient Greeks.  Often, my work has subconscious references to feelings of diasporas and the daily anxieties and instability of life – both in one’s national identity and everyday choices. The work expresses a density of mental as well as physical space in these contained worlds. Employing pathetic fallacy  (embodying feelings through inanimate objects) the work captures a sense of individual assimilation and alienation. Child-like in execution at times, the work can be seen through a lens of the artist’s personal experience but also engages in a cultural navigation, an exploration of material and content, which resists any one simplified interpretation.

Please visit her site and celebrate the launch of our first website here at!

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