Pixel and Pints, and DemoCamp Calgary

October 14th, 2010    •  by Dave    •   No Comments »

I attended an interesting meeting with my sister suggested I attend.  She has a web developer friend named Tony Grimes and he hosts an event called Pixel and Pints, which is a gathering of web developers, designers, artists or anybody really in the technology industry over a couple brews of beer.  It’s very casual and a great way to meet people in industry and just talk about your passions.  I highly recommend it to anybody in the industry and it’s great to meet some new people.  I talked to mostly web designers and it was interesting to get a perspective on the industry a little bit.

I also met a person named Sarah Blue who helped organize an event called DemoCamp.  This appears to be also a meeting of technology buffs to showcase their ideas about creating software to improve the community.  It’s interesting and a lot of these ideas have potential for a start-up of some sort.  I think I’ll definitely attend it next time.

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